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R2 Controls is an experienced provider of process and control technology and engineering services for the Pharmaceutical, Electric Power, Chemical, Oil, and Gas industries. R2 Controls can provide Wind energy technology and know-how working together with Windtest (grevenbroich gmbh). Click the services bar above to see more details regarding R2 Controls capabilities.  R2 Controls is an E&C firm, a consulting firm, a system integrator, an engineering firm, and a caring partner.

R2Controls goal is to assist clients in achieving their goals with superior performance through:

  • Listening to our customers and finding out what is important to them.
  • Providing reliability, durability, precision, consistency, simplicity, and adaptability.
  • Cost avoidance, by examining expenses for minimum essential requirements with good return
  • Achieving customers financial and technical goals.
  • Meeting customers schedules
Company Profile: R2Controls was established in 1996 and is a lean, focused, technology and engineering service provider with significant experience with complex industrial processes, their instruments, control systems, management software, and infrastructure. R2Controls has a wealth of experience based on numerous successful projects working with world class Refineries, Chemical Plants, Pharmaceutical plants, FDA Compliance groups, Control System vendors, Engineering firms, Equipment manufacturers, and Industry experts.

Contact Information

 508-369-5186 cell phone
Rick Rys P.E.
R2 Controls
128 Mountain Road,
Princeton, MA 01541

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Last modified: 5 Jan 2017