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R2 Controls is not taking on new business projects, but might consider volunteering on technical projects that have a significant environmental benefit. Rick is still consulting for ARC (Automation Research Corporation) and Rick is using his many years of experience and industry connections to write (and still learn) about the energy transition, environmental issues, and sustainability. In May 2023, Rick will run for a third term as PMLD light commissioner which complements his ARC work and provides the real world challenge of getting a whole town to move towards net-zero energy.

Company Profile: Rick established R2 Controls in 1996 and has been a consultant and engineering service provider with significant experience working on complex and hazardous industrial processes, their instruments, control systems, management software, and infrastructure. Rick benefited from 20 years of work experience and learned from many talented professionals at the Foxboro company, which is today part of Schneider Electric. Rick has a wealth of experience based on numerous successful projects working with world class industrial companies in oil, gas, chemicals, nuclear, pharmaceutical, paper, food, wind, solar, microgrid, battery, hydrogen, and utility sectors. Rick has personally made significant progress to get to net zero energy consumption and transition away from energy soruces that make green house gases. Rick designed and built an energy efficient solar house in Princeton Mass following the German Passive House standard, and was an early adopter of EVís and the concept of a grid interactive utility customer.

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