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The fun part Ease of travel Nice to use power on sweltering days Sweat is optional on the way to work Passing the Spanex guy on the carbon fiber bike - and tinging my little bell as I pass Providing the lead air break for non-electric bikers

The practical part Get places faster Grocery store shopping with trailer Power cost is trivial

The economics Cost and life of batteries kills the economics. It would have been cheaper to use my car. Same can be said for most other high end bicycles too.

The technical part Make vs buy? Design the bike you want and can afford - use the bike simulator Spokes - This is rather technical to get right. There are typically 2 different length spokes and little margin for error.

Limitations and concerns Safety - It is inherently dangerous to share the road with cars Cars underestimate the speed of E-Bikes High speed travel means more momentum to cause more injuries if you do crash E-bikes on ice can easily lose traction. Crossing the road in traffic is actually easier, just twist the throttle if a car waves you by. sidewalk travel with pedestrians is easier as pedaling is not required. Rain is an issue as many bike parts are not made for the wet. 48 volts needs to be kept isolated

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Last modified: 5 Jan 2017