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R2 Controls has been in the Energy Business a long time. Whether it is transportation fuels, electric power generation, co-generation of heat and power, or renewable energy, R2 Controls may have know-how that can help you to be successful. Energy can be used for many wonderful things, but whether you are a family, a town, a state, a country or a part of the earths civilization, we are in a period of change. Managing the changes in the way we develop energy resources and use energy will be difficult, as the easy energy is dwindling and the environmental impacts such as Global Warming are significant. R2 Controls has worked first hand to help develop technology for reformulated gasoline, to make oil refineries and gas processing facilities run more efficiently, and to reduce the generation of pollution out of smokestacks, tailpipes, and waste water. It will take many kinds of Energy resources and many changes to make the eventual transition to a completely sustainable energy economy. R2 Controls will continue to provide know-how to further our energy security and improve environmental protection. It is hoped that you find information on these additional pages interesting and useful.

  • "Energy Prices" gives an interactive java enabled chart for calculating energy prices based on unit price and efficiency.
  • "Energy Options" shows 10 potential solutions to the energy and global warming problems.
  • "Global Warming" gives a simplified explanation of the science behind controlling global climate change.
  • "Wind" brings you to the R2Controls Wind Energy page

In 2010 Guest Columnist Rick Rys published a series of articles in BMW Boston Bimmer Magazine on:

Gasoline: Past Present and Future.

April 2010 (Past)
May 2010 (Present)
June 2010 (Future)

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